Computerized test and measurement solutions for HVAC

RoviSys HVAC production test and measurement automation systems enable manufacturers to reduce unit testing time and increase tested parameters and units tested. The result is higher quality, fewer false positives, greater efficiency and happier customers.

Built from standards; flexible, supportable

RoviSys HVAC teststands are developed for your applications from standard, flexible and supportable software and components. You can test any and all measurable factors to any available sensitivity.

Your HVAC test station can be inline or end-of-line and either standalone or integrated into your production and business information systems.

Whatever the configuration, your test data is stored and accessible for immediate and long-term analysis and retrieval with extensive reporting capabilities and flexibility.

Focus on business improvement

While all things are possible, good automated testing strategy for HVAC manufacturers focuses on functions and factors that most improve your business while allowing for change and growth. RoviSys test engineers will help you understand your possibilities and recommend right-sized solutions.

Often, HVAC manufacturers discover they can test 100-percent of units with more accuracy and less cost than random manual testing. They also find their installed test systems not only help them improve quality and productivity, but also to pinpoint and correct manufacturing issues.

Operator friendly and flexible

Ease of use is critical for the acceptance and use of any automated measurement or control system. RoviSys engineers design operator-friendly interfaces and teststand controls without any sacrifice in system capabilities or reporting. You will also have the ability to change many of your testing procedures, parameters and reports should you desire to do so.

We develop HVAC teststands using National Instruments LabVIEW™, which offers many built-in options for data acquisition, testing configuration and reporting as well as add-on capabilities.

Teststand program case history

For more than 70 years and three generations of family ownership, product quality has been a driving value at Beckett Corporation, an Ohio manufacturer of residential and commercial oil and gas burners and controls. As part of a Six Sigma Black Belt project in 2005, the company moved to automated burner and burner control testing stations.

Click here to read the complete Beckett automated testing case history.

Automated test and measurement experience

HVAC test automation services

  • Requirements analysis and planning
  • Test procedure recommendations
  • Testing solution specification development
  • Hardware and software design
  • Teststand implementation
  • Documentation and support
  • Integration with other systems
  • Electrical engineering design and management
  • Project management as needed
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