9 test and measurement automation benefits for product and component manufacturers

An automated system lets you test controls, embedded electronics, blowers, pumps, valves, sensors, pressure, voltage, safety features, sequences, for leaks and more.

  1. Eliminate human errors
  2. Eliminate returns for quality defects
  3. Simulate failure conditions to ensure safety features perform as designed
  4. Boost testing and production throughput and efficiency
  5. Perform comprehensive test sequences without increasing unit test time
  6. Test 100 percent of your production
  7. Reduce unit test time and costs
  8. Automate storage of test data for trend analysis and archival access
  9. Analyze data to pinpoint production areas that need attention and improvement

Matching computerized test and measurement to your operations

Automating test and measurement enables you to test all critical parameters in less time while eliminating human error. No defective unit leaves the plant. Results are stored in a database for trend analysis and issue resolution.

In short, computerized test and measurement makes you faster, smarter and better.

It works best when your teststand is designed to match your process, people and needs.

As one of the largest independent control automation and plant information integrators, we understand how testing can and should fit in your operations. We can show where you can get more without necessarily spending more.

Why companies are eliminating manual test and measurement

Many manufacturers who have relied on manual testing and measurement procedures are replacing them with automated systems.

Why? Because of new capabilities, ease of use and flexibility of customized automated test systems. Meanwhile, the cost to develop and maintain them has decreased.

The gains can be substantial, as the list of benefits indicates.

Still, you might be uncertain whether computerized testing and measurement could benefit your operations or to how to determine which solution will be most effective and appropriate for you.

RoviSys’ automated test engineering staff can help

RoviSys is an independent provider with more than two decades of experience developing test and measurement automation systems.

We develop solutions that deliver results for our clients.

First, we identify your needs, possibilities and constraints. We then recommend and deliver capable, right-sized and flexible custom automated test systems.

In most cases, you will be able to test more parameters on more of your units—even 100 percent of your production—faster and for less than your current testing process.

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