RoviSys DCS Console Replacement Solutions

RoviSys' independent position within the industrial automation industry has provided RoviSys engineers with extensive knowledge and experience of various legacy Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

Many RoviSys clients that have these legacy control systems express frustration in the fact that while the controllers and field interface equipment are working well and parts are readily available, it is the operator consoles that are failing, obsolete or are no longer supported by the original DCS manufacturer. RoviSys provides clients with cost-effective solutions designed to replace these obsolete operator consoles.


  • Lifecycle Extension of Legacy Systems - The upgrading of the operator consoles provides RoviSys clients the ability to extend the lifecycle of their legacy control systems which provides additional return on their initial investment.
  • Integration of Peripheral Systems - The software interfaces that RoviSys has developed to support the console replacement solutions also provide the ability to interface other more modern systems (historians, performance optimization packages and environmental reporting programs) into the legacy control systems.
  • Phased Migrations - Replacement of the operator consoles is implemented in a phased approach allowing the migration to a new control system to be completed at a pace that is comfortable to the plant engineering and operations personnel. Training can begin before the new system is installed …not after.

Sample Interfaces:

The engineers at RoviSys have utilized their experiences as software developers for various industrial automation system suppliers along with the RoviSys independent position within the controls marketplace to develop several packaged interface solutions that will ease the plant manager's migration concerns:

Why RoviSys?

Because we are control system engineers, focused on developing and integrating control system solutions that provide our clients with the best systems, at an affordable cost, integrated within a timely manner.

For further information on console migration solutions for your facility, contact RoviSys today.

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