Achieve targeted manufacturing execution functionality now through leveraged—and layerless—MES integration

It might feel like you’ve had only two choices in manufacturing execution systems: too much and too little. The lack of a right-sized solution explains why many manufacturers have yet to exploit the benefits of business-to-plant integration.

What have the MES choices been? To implement either an over-featured application layer between your ERP and production control systems or one point-to-point solution for each targeted function.

Today, you have a more practical way to achieve targeted business-to-plant functionality: establish MES integration capabilities by leveraging connectivity and capabilities in your existing applications. Think of it as a conduit that can handle all the information between your plant and your offices. What do we call it? Layerless manufacturing execution system integration.

Layerless MES provides multiple benefits:

  • Achieve any and all MES capabilities
  • User reports and controls appear within familiar existing applications
  • Fast implementation
  • Reduced cost
  • Scalable: start with one or a few functions, add more on your own schedule

Layerless manufacturing execution home

Layerless manufacturing execution functionality

Achieving capabilities and business value through layerless MES

And because RoviSys-engineered layerless manufacturing integration is standards based, your independence and flexibility for growth and support are preserved.

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