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At RoviSys and RoviSys Building Technologies your co-op or internship is much more than a job. It’s an opportunity to launch a career. That’s why you’ll find us on campus looking for top-performing students to join us for co-op and internship opportunities.

We consider our co-ops and interns as valuable additions to our team, and recognize their creativity and inventive ideas. Furthermore, we realize the importance of selecting and cultivating talent for future employment. RoviSys and RoviSys Building Technologies are dedicated to your growth, development and success as a young professional.

We invite you to find us at your college or university career fair and learn more about opportunities available at our Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Texas or international locations. We are looking for E.E., E.E.T., Cp.E, C.S., and combined degrees for positions in Software Development, Control Systems Design, and Electrical Design. Last year, 75 students from more than 10 colleges and universities participated in co-op and internship placements company-wide.

Spring 2018 RoviSys Schedule
Place Date Day Time Recruiting Group(s)
Texas A&M University 1/25/2018 Thursday 9am-4pm RoviSys
The Ohio State University 1/30/2018 Tuesday 1pm-6pm RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
North Carolina State University 1/30/2018 Tuesday 4PM - 7PM RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
University of Houston 2/1/2018 Thursday 10am-4pm RoviSys
University of Texas at Austin 2/1/2018 Thursday 10am-4pm RoviSys
Southern California University 2/1/2018 Thursday 10am - 3pm RoviSys
Kent State University 2/2/2018 Friday 10am-1pm RoviSys Building Technologies
University of Akron 2/6/2018 Tuesday 10am-3pm RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
Rochester Institute of Technology 2/7/2018 Wednesday 10am-4pm RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
University of Cincinnati 2/8/2018 Thursday 10am-3pm RoviSys
University of Dayton 2/12/2018 Monday 1pm-5pm RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
University of North Carolina Charlotte 2/13/2018 Tuesday 10am-2:00pm RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
University of Pittsburgh 2/15/2018 Thursday 11am-3pm RoviSys
Ohio University 2/16/2018 Friday 10am-2pm RoviSys
University of Toledo 2/21/2018 Wednesday 12:30pm-4:30pm RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
Virginia Tech 2/22/2018 Thursday 10am-5pm RoviSys
Youngstown State University 2/22/2018 Thursday 12pm-4pm RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
Miami University 2/22/2018 Thursday 1pm-5:30pm RoviSys
Kent State University 2/22/2018 Thursday 11am - 3pm RoviSys
Cleveland State University 3/2/2018 Friday 10am-4pm RoviSys, RoviSys Building Technologies
Penn State University-Behrend 3/15/2018 Thursday 12pm-4pm RoviSys
Wentorth Institute of Technology 3/20/2018 Tuesday 3pm - 6pm RoviSys

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Spring 2018 Schedule
Place Date Time Location Recruiting Group(s)
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