Industrial test and measurement automation services

RoviSys provides comprehensive automated testing and measurement system development services. This includes engineering the supporting systems for power distribution, data acquisition and communications.

We develop teststands for inline and end-of-line test and measurement of components and products in manufacturing operations.

We also assist you to determine how automated test and measurement will benefit your business. Call us for teststand specification, engineering, build, installation and support.

“Custom” solutions from standard platforms and components

As an automations solutions integrator for, among others, National Instruments, Rockwell and Siemens. We can create customized automated test stations from any platform you prefer

Click here for more on custom testing programs and teststand development.

NI LabVIEW™ programming and custom teststand development

A certified National Instruments LabVIEW™ developer, RoviSys specifies, engineers and implements tailored test and measurement automation systems and related services for manufacturing applications.

Click here for NI LabView™ services details.

Teststand program case history

For more than 70 years and three generations of family ownership, product quality has been a driving value at Beckett Corporation, an Ohio manufacturer of residential and commercial oil and gas burners and controls. This is why, as part of a Six Sigma Black Belt project in 2005, the company moved to NI LabVIEW™ automated burner and burner control testing stations.

Click here to read the complete Beckett automated testing case history.

Automated test and measurement experience

What are the benefits of automated test and measurement?

Testing more factors in the same or less time and eliminating false positives are just two of the benefits we've identified for automated test and measurement systems. Click here to read all nine benefits of automated testing and measurement.

Production testing and measurement automation services

  • Testing requirements analysis
  • Test procedures recommendations
  • Development of testing solution specifications
  • Hardware and software design
  • Teststand implementation
  • Documentation and support
  • Integration with other systems
  • Electrical engineering design and management

Click here for more on custom testing programs and teststand development.

Read the Beckett case history online at Quality Magazine

Read the case history of the Beckett Corporation quality program featuring RoviSys-engineered test systems online at Qualilty Magazine.

Testing solution capabilities

RoviSys has the experience and ability to:

  • Interface with your MES system to retrieve work orders
  • Design databases for test setup
  • Interface to microcontrollers in your products
  • Design electrical systems for power distribution, and communications
  • Customizable test procedures
  • Test with minimal operator interaction
  • Serialization
  • Label printing including, barcode and/or failure labels for tracking
  • Write test results to your historian
  • Design and create reports

Struggling with managing multiple teststands in your operations?

RoviSys developed a utility that automates the delivery of updates to multiple LabVIEW™ test stations from an SQL database.

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