Custom teststands and automated production test systems

RoviSys develops custom teststands for inline and end-of-line test and measurement of components and discrete products in manufacturing operations.

We assist clients in determining how automated test and measurement will benefit their business, including identifying scalable features available within your budget. We then provide test equipment specification, engineering, build, installation and support.

Get the benefits of automated testing

Computerized test and measurement provides significant benefits over manual procedures. Possibilities are limited only by the ability to get sensors into place and apply load for measurement.

Most companies look first to computerize existing manual procedures. Don't toss your investment, enhance it.

Automated testing enables you to test more parameters on more units—up to 100 percent of your production—with efficiency, results and insight far beyond the possibilities of manual testing.

Custom teststands or customized?

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If your production process, products or quality standards are proprietary or unique, then your teststand developer should deliver automated testing solutions that match. Modern test and measurement platforms provide a significant head start in achieving this goal.

Today’s teststand environments are highly capable and configurable.

The leading platform, National Instruments LabVIEW™, offers practically unlimited options for programming, options and reporting. This enables manufacturers to implement testing programs tailored to their particular procedures and standards at reasonable costs.

If you want a teststand built from the ground up, our automation test engineers and programmers have and will get this done for you. In some situations, this is the best solution. But often, a customized solution costs less to deliver the same capabilities versus a totally custom teststand.

Teststand development, programming services

  • Testing requirements analysis and planning
  • Testing procedures recommendations
  • Testing solution specification development
  • Hardware and software design
  • Teststand implementation
  • Documentation and support
  • Integration with other systems
  • Electrical engineering design and management
  • Testing program project management

What is an automated teststand or bench?

An automated manufacturing teststand or bench is a system for testing and measurement of components or products.

A teststand typically includes a PC or PLC in a rack or protective enclosure. Other components include quick-connects for liquid, gases, power and sensors. The computer controls the test and collects and records test data.

Typical applications include inline testing of critical components and end-of-line testing of finished units such as appliances, residential heating units and controls, pumps, motors and more.

Because computerized teststands are fast, accurate and consistent, they make it possible to test all units for all quality factors before releasing to shipping. Once you’ve decided to engineer a teststand, the added cost to include additional performance is low.

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