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RoviSys has been designing and installing MES systems for over 25 years. Projects range in size from a few hundred man-hours to over 2000 man-hours.MES packages and custom software are typically deployed in combination, in order to meet client requirements. Below are several example projects.

Process balancing, KPI reporting

RoviSys designed and implemented a software solution to balance operations and automatically report key performance indicators for a process manufacturer. The manufacturer struggled with finding bottlenecks and performance issues on a daily basis and as a result, often created WIP inventory between processes. The process consisted of five sequential processes. The outlet stream from one process was the inlet stream for the next. RoviSys implemented a solution to monitor each process and continuously balance each process with respect to the others. The system also adjusted capacity based on order and inventory data from SAP. Reporting by each facility included specific key performance indicators from the manufacturing line incorporated into automated reports generated on a shift, day, week and month basis.

Acute care biopharma manufacturing

RoviSys was selected to provide the data collection and electronic batch reporting system for a new state-of-the-art facility for an acute care biopharmaceutical company. The electronic batch records were developed using OSIsoft RtReports providing 21 CFR 11 compliant reports with all data collection through a PI historian. This was one of the first deployments of these technologies.

Electronic process log

RoviSys was selected for the development of an electronic process log based on Microsoft® technologies. The log retrieved schedule and bill of material information from SAP and allowed operators to select the batch for processing. The electronic log was also integrated with an existing historian to capture process data associated with each batch. The electronic log allowed for operations to enter comments and approvals and captured all data associated with production. The solution leveraged an existing OSIsoft PI® historian, Microsoft® technologies including SQL Server®, Office, and BackOffice.

Subject matter expert for major pharmaceutical manufacturer

RoviSys provided world-wide subject matter expertise for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer and led the deployment team for a system to collect process and batch data for multi-variant analysis bringing data from the disparate systems in one user interface. RoviSys developed the system architecture, strategy and implementation plan for a roll out to all bulk manufacturing sites throughout the world.

Product tracking for skin care products manufacturer

RoviSys provided a product tracking system for a large producer of hygiene and skin care products. Scope included development of a user requirements specification as well as an evaluation of available technologies fit for use. Since best-in-class technologies were deployed for the functions required and legacy business system needs were present, RoviSys also provided the complete integration for a turnkey tracking system combining order information and real-time manufacturing information.

Asset optimization for wound management

RoviSys implemented a turnkey asset optimization solution for a major acute wound management manufacturer. The system monitored all plant manufacturing assets to report on utilization. All asset events were captured and reason codes were assigned automatically or through operator interaction to identify key problems through Pareto Analysis.

Exception reporting for nutrition

RoviSys was selected to provide an integrated solution to receive process order information and key process variables with quality parameters to monitor for exception during the manufacturing of nutritional products for a state-of-the-art paperless facility. The system identifies abnormal operating conditions with respect to quality attributes and provides exceptions to the batch record real-time.

Grid-wide utility performance monitoring

RoviSys was contracted by a large eastern US power utility to design and implement a utility-wide data acquisition and condition-based assessment system. The overall scope covered a 73,000 tag database and serves seven utility generation stations and the corporate offices. The main objective of this system was to implement a predictive maintenance and performance assessment system.

Global operational management system

RoviSys was selected for the implementation a global operational management solution for a major food manufacturer. The system monitors a number of production statistics from each of the manufacturing sites to ensure that products are manufactured as planned. Actual versus plan information is updated four times per hour providing a real-time view into operations. The system also combines sources of loss, including downtime, performance efficiency and rate of quality, with cost information from SAP to provide management with a real-time view of cost associated with manufacturing losses. The system solution uses existing Allen-Bradley™ controls, OSIsoft PI®, SAP R/3 and SAP .NET connector and Microsoft® technologies including SQL Server®, ASP.NET® and VB.NET.

Turnkey operations management

RoviSys implemented a turnkey complete factory operations management system based on Microsoft® technologies to manage electronic order processing, automated schedule optimization, integrated control system download, automated product identification and packing. The system enabled a manufacturer to grow from producing 50 units per day to 5,000 units per day with guaranteed next-day delivery on orders placed from within 100 miles of the facility. This solution has since grown into a configurable product for the fenestration market and is sold as FeneVisionĀ® by a spin-off company named FeneTech.

Compliance software testing and validation

RoviSys was selected to provide the functional testing and validation for the deployment of DMI Compliance Suite 2005 for a mammalian cell culture-based biopharmaceuticals manufacturer. Scope included project management, project plan and quality plan for the testing and validation phase of the project, training on all DMI modules, functional test protocol development and execution, deviation tracking and resolution, IQ and OQ protocol development and execution, development of validation summary packages and traceability from user requirements to qualification tests.

Automated quality system

RoviSys designed and implemented a custom quality system based on Oracle® and historian technologies to allow a manufacturer to capture thousands of dimensional measurements in seconds as product is drawn from the process. The system is designed to allow for simple migration across all manufacturing lines in all facilities, resulting in less than two week deployment per line. Multi-lingual support was required as the system was deployed in many countries throughout the world and operator display for quality results was critical.

Enterprise change management

RoviSys has been selected on several projects to evaluate, configure and implement automated change management systems for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The systems implemented track and coordinate all plant floor control changes. The systems provide version control, audit trails, security, scheduling and reporting. GE Fanuc Proficy Change Management, MDT Software, and RSMACC were deployed for these applications.

Supervisory packaging system

RoviSys designed and implemented an automated supervisory system for a packing area of a major chemical manufacturer. The system was integrated with SAP R/3 to capture order information for operators in the packing area. Packing equipment settings were automatically downloaded for setup based on type of packaging and product ordered. The system included automated labeling of both package and pallet. In addition, the supervisory system tracked packing performance and asset efficiency to identify target opportunities for process improvement.

Recipe and production management

RoviSys was selected to design and implement a system to store and manage production recipes and production data collection. Recipe management included an interface to an Oracle® GEMMS system for tracking formulation changes and assessing impact on production recipes as well as new recipe development and revision tracking. Recipes were dispatched to shop floor based on daily production schedules from business planning. Production data was collected from the shop floor control systems and used to track recipe completion and provide inventory updates to an Oracle® WITS system.

Asset measurement and product genealogy for cosmetic manufacturer

RoviSys designed and implemented a turnkey system to measure production against plan, track downtime, assign reason codes and mark consumer products via UV code for tracking and genealogy. The system interfaced to an Oracle business system for schedule information and leveraged Allen-Bradley™ PLCs for plant floor information and control. Bar code labels were generated for cases and pallets based on UV codes on containers. The UV codes were generated to allow for identification by bottle case, and pallet after product was shipped, enabling genealogy tracking from warehouse to retail shelf. The system also tracked production against plan in real-time while capturing downtime instances automatically with downtime reason required via bar code.

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