Achieving manufacturing execution capabilities and business value

The data already exists on your plant floor. The issue? Accessing it and turning it into useful information.

With RoviSys layerless business-to-plant integration, you leverage your existing systems and assets to fit your objectives. You add exactly and only the capabilities you want now.

Still, layerless MES is not plug-and-play. No manufacturing execution system is. But layerless manufacturing integration is simpler, faster to implement and delivers more business value for fewer dollars.

What kind of value can you create?

For personnel within the plant and the front offices, manufacturing information integration offers many possibilities for creating value. To name just a few, you can:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve operator productivity
  • Increase equipment efficiency
  • Improve quality
  • Deliver more or all orders as promised
  • Reduce WIP
  • Increase material yields
  • Reduce production slowdowns and stoppages
  • Spot problems
  • Verify the cause of problems

Focusing on value

Our approach:

  • Identify and recommend the projects with the most favorable return
  • Look first to leverage capabilities available within your existing systems
  • Introduce tools as needed to enable you to collect, aggregate and use data from multiple sources to make good real-time and strategic decisions
  • Engineer supportable and scalable solutions that focus on the results you want to achieve now

Manufacturing execution services

  • System and objectives analysis
  • Solution recommendations
  • Functional specifications
  • Engineering, implementation and support

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Layerless manufacturing execution functionality

Layerless MES definition and implementation

For information on business to plant integration

Engineering solutions that balance flexibility, structure and cost-effectiveness are nothing new for RoviSys. One of the largest independent automation integrators in North America , our more than 450 engineers and developers have designed and implemented more 3,500 projects built on these principles.

RoviSys can help you improve productivity, consistency, quality, responsiveness and customer while reducing regulatory and compliance costs, cycle times, inventory levels and waste.

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