Rockwell Software® solutions and services

As a certified Solution Partner for information, controls and process controls, RoviSys has engineered more than 1,000 solutions on Rockwell Automation platforms. This includes integrating controls with production and data management systems using Rockwell Software.

From ERP to batch to the plant floor, with results flowing up to the enterprise and allowing our clients to productively manage their business, these systems have proven the value of an integrated control and information environment.

With RoviSys business-to-plant integration using Rockwell Software platforms, you leverage your existing systems and assets to fit your objectives. You add exactly and only the capabilities you want now.

FactoryTalk Batch

FactoryTalk Batch provides efficient and predictable batch processing, consistency between batches and generation of event information during batch runs. It enables you to reuse code, recipes, phases and logic between processes with similar procedures. FactoryTalk Batch incorporates the ISA S88 standard.

FactoryTalk® AssetCentre

FactoryTalk AssetCentre provides you with asset-centric tools to securely and centrally manage your factory and process automation production environments. These enable secure access to the control system, tracking users' actions, managing asset configuration files, configuring process instruments and providing backup and recovery of operating asset configurations.

Rockwell Software experience

  • RSBizWare Batch
  • RSBizWare Batch Historian
  • RSSql
  • RSView SE
  • RSView32
  • FactoryTalk, including FTView®, FTBatch® and FTHistorian®
  • RSLinx
  • RSLogix

RoviSys manufacturing information/MES services

  • Needs analysis
  • Manufacturing information integration strategy
  • Business-to-plant integration/MES
  • Asset management including OEE
  • Platform, industrial network and other technology recommendations
  • Design and engineering
  • Implementation
  • Control, plant and business integration
  • Support

Rockwell Software

  • Production management
  • FactoryTalk® Batch
  • RSBatch™
  • FactoryTalk ProductionCentre

  • Performance and visibility
  • FactoryTalk Metrics
  • FactoryTalk View
  • FactoryTalk ViewPoint
  • FactoryTalk VantagePoint
  • RSView®32
  • Data management
  • FactoryTalk Historian
  • FactoryTalk Gateway
  • FactoryTalk Transaction Manager

  • Design and configuration
  • RSLinx
  • RSLogix 5
  • RSLogix 500
  • RSLogix 5000
  • RSLogix Architect
  • RSLogix Emulate
  • RSNetWorx
  • Asset management
  • FactoryTalk AssetCentre
  • RSEnergyMetrix

  • Quality and compliance
  • FactoryTalk eProcedure

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