OSIsoft PI® system, control system and plant information integrator

You need to know, control and compete in real time. You’ve discovered OSIsoft’s PI System and Real-time Performance Management platforms. You believe OSIsoft's applications will enable you to transform the disconnected data in your operations into the dynamic plant information you’ve sought for some time. Whether your project is 50 or 500,000 tags or PI data Visual Basic® for Applications macros and interface engineering, you want to get it right from the start. You want PI to talk to your plant floor and office without disrupting currently functioning systems. You also want to include or allow for the new possibilities and opportunities these platforms can bring to your business.

You need a project partner who knows PI, and everything else in your facility, inside and out. Who regularly implements and supports automation and information solutions. Who is deeply familiar with the industrial control and communication technology available today. And who has the internal systems and the dedication to get PI projects done.

The PI system integrator who knows controls?

Who is that potential partner? The RoviSys Company: One of OSIsoft’s original PI systems integrators and the only OSIsoft PI® system integrator in the world currently designated a Gold Partner (see OSIsoft announcement).

With RoviSys, you bring to your project:

  • Years of OSIsoft PIsystem™ integration and development experience across key industries
  • The ability to deliver integrated manufacturing automation, process control, information integration and software engineering solutions from one point of responsibility
  • The ability to integrate nearly any legacy or modern system with using OSIsoft's more than 400 device interfaces, our OSIsoft and Bailey™ OPC servers and clients or by developing a custom interface
  • More than 450 manufacturing automation engineers and developers based under one roof and serving clients at sites worldwide
  • A proven projects management and collaboration system for completing projects on time and budget while keeping you fully informed along the way

RoviSys is largest independent OSIsoft Gold Partner

In recognition of our growing plant-to-business intelligence services, including integrating SAP to the plant floor, OSIsoft, Inc., has renewed RoviSys' Gold Partner status for 2005. RoviSys is now OSIsoft's largest independent gold partner.

"RoviSys is the largest of the independent engineering services partners of OSIsoft in North America" OSIsoft announced. "They have certified OSIsoft installers on staff and have completed a number of projects implementing the PI System. They were also one of the first integrators to train on and implement OSIsoft's RtReports."

While RoviSys has significant experience with the deployment of validated PI Systems for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, their staff also has experience in chemicals, specialty chemicals, utilities, food and beverage and glass applications. Their reach extends to such countries as Taiwan, Korea and Puerto Rico. RoviSys has implemented components of RtPM that make data easily available throughout client organizations.

The company is currently creating portal content for a global manufacturer through the use of iViews to make PI System data accessible via the SAP Enterprise Portal worldwide. "This type of RtPM Platform-SAP integration cores right from our core expertise," said Joe Maukonen, director of information integration services for RoviSys. "We specialize in understanding the manufacturing space and technology needed to successfully integrate the plant with the business environment."

OSIsoft product experience list

Combining OSIsoft’s RtPM and PI system platforms with RoviSys’ knowledge of plant information provides you with a proven path to optimizing use of your plant and business information. RoviSys has in-depth experience with the following OSIsoft RtPM and PIsystem products:

  • PI ActiveView
  • PI Advanced Computing Engine
  • PI AlarmView
  • PI Batch

  • PI BatchView
  • PI COM Connectors
  • PI ControlMonitor
  • PI DataLink
  • PI DataStorage
  • PI ICE
  • PI Interfaces
  • PI ManualLogger

  • PI Module Database
  • PI Performance Equations
  • PI ProcessBook
  • PI ProcessTemplates
  • PI ServerApps
  • PI SMT
  • PI VBA Macros
  • OSIsoft IT Monitors
  • OSIsoft RtPM

  • OSIsoft RtPortal (beta)
  • OSIsoft RtReports (beta)
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